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© 2017 by Lili Koos.

Design projects

This page contains a few different design projects and media to introduce my skills. First you can see some of my hand painted illustrations. Below are some of the 3D designs I made.


Sunset collection: This project was made for a Hungarian Art Deco luxury furniture manufacture. They wanted a piece of decoration and a full jewelry collection inspired by their furniture and style. In the pictures you can see the Illustrator designs and the final piece of the decoration that was produced.

Silver Judaica: This project was a special design of silver Judaica plates and matching cups decorated with precious gemstones and gold plating. I had to develop 5 initial concepts. All had to fit the strict requirements of production of silver object. During this project I become familiar with many new production techniques and the behavior of silver during 3D printing, casting, spinning and enameling. 

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